Project Communication

It is very important to set up a method of communication for existing contributors and people who want to contribute.

Recommended would be either a Google Chat room or group or GitHub discussions.

Google Chat

For a Google Chat room you can pre-subscribe all the group members by inviting their group email address to the chat room. Please remember to uncheck the email notification option.

See Google Chat Help for more details.

Google Groups

To set up a Google Group, go to Google Groups and choose Create Group and follow the wizard. All Trimble groups have an associated email address which always ends in

See Google Chat Help for more details on using Google Groups

GitHub discussions

GitHub discussions can be enabled from the repository settings screen if you have the appropriate permissions to do so. For more details see GitHub discussions

Remember to publish details about how to join a chat or group in the for your project.

For Google Chat you can publish a link to the chat from the address bar. Assuming you have pre-subscribed as above, then anyone clicking on the link will be automatically subscribed to the chat.

For Google Groups you can publish a link by right-clicking on the group email address in Google Groups and choosing Copy link address.