Publishing An InnerSource project

Opening up a project to InnerSource is one thing, but it is equally important to get users to adopt and contribute to it. It is therefore highly advisable that you have a way of publishing the project and making the InnerSource documentation available.

If you would like to have your InnerSource project included here then please contact .

There are a couple of ways in which you can publish the documentation itself.

This website including the InnerSource guidelines is built from Markdown files which are published to a website using an application called Hugo . This is an easy tool to get started with and integrates well with CI/CD pipelines.

There are also a number of alternative options which can be used to generate websites from Markdown, you can find a list of tools on the Markdown tools page

You can also render Markdown files into Atlassian Confluence.

The MEP group in Trimble have developed a macro for Confluence which is deployed to the e-Tools Confluence instance and which can be used to very quickly get your documentation published if it is stored in BitBucket. You can find more details on the MEP InnerSource website .

For more information about this macro please contact .